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Not sure what to get as a present for your nephew, granddaughter or your child's best friend for her birthday?  Maybe you are not sure if they already have that book or not.  Well the Kidsbooks Gift Card is a safe bet!!  These cards are loaded with a set amount of money and can be used in any of our three store locations.  Now your granddaughter can come shopping and buy the latest book in the mermaid series she was reading and you don't have to worry that she may have it already!

Easy to use, these plastic gift cards are swiped at the till in our stores and the amount of your purchase is automatically removed from the amount on the card.  If there is any money left over, the card can be kept and used the next time you are in shopping.

Please note: at this time these Gift Cards can only be used when shopping in our three store locations (Broadway, Edgemont and South Surrey).  These cards cannot be used to shop on-line.  If you purchase a Gift Card on the web, it can be mailed to you or another recipient or you can pick up your card at any of our store locations.  If you want a card mailed, please fill in the correct Shipping Address in our Checkout.

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Kidsbooks Gift Cards
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