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Reading Power - Adrienne Gear

Reading Power - Adrienne Gear

Adrienne Gear's Reading Power is a practical approach to reading comprehension that teaches students to use specific thinking strategies while they read.  Based on the research of David Pearson and influenced by Stephanie Harvey, Reading Power provides students with the tools to help them become more engaged with texts and to consciously think as they read. Central to the program is children’s literature specially selected to help teach each of the five Reading Powers:  connect, question, visualize, infer and transform.

Adrienne has written two books: Reading Power and Non-Fiction Reading Power and she is currently working on a third title to encompass Writing.

Adrienne’s approach is especially dynamic as she is constantly updating the selection of books to support the powers. We at Kidsbooks are proud of our collaboration with Adrienne to infuse her programme with the most recently published and outstanding picture books, information books and novels.

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About Adrienne Gear, author of Reading Power and Non-Fiction Reading Power:

Adrienne Gear has been working in the Vancouver school district for over 15 years - as a classroom teacher, ESL teacher, and teacher librarian. Currently, she works as a K-7 Literacy Mentor, supporting Vancouver teachers and students in their literacy programs. Adrienne developed and implemented Reading Power at her school and is currently presenting workshops across the province. She lives in Vancouver with her husband and their two boys. 

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